Don’t downgrade your dreams

Don’t downgrade your dream

to match your reality.

Upgrade your faith

to match your dreams.

I love this quote.

I loved this curly-qued branch that reached out from a pine tree….

just doin’ its own thing, going out into the world to see the big wide world outside the pine needles.

Perhaps this was its dream.

To be wild and free.

I had to duck to avoid its determination.

Reaching our dreams takes faith

when our path becomes circuitous and twisted

and we veer from the direct path we had in mind

to attain it.

Paris in my 60’s for an extended stay is one of my dreams.

I may stay just outside Paris in the beautiful countryside

and take many day trips into Paris.

I may go for 62 days for my 62nd birthday

rather than 60 days for my 60th

because of plans my children have made.

It’s all good.

Getting there may have a few more

twists and turns,

loops and swoops

than I had anticipated,

But I’m not downgrading the dream.

I’m upgrading my faith.

And life is good in any event, isn’t it?

The best scenario and mind-set

is that our lives are a dream

lived such that they are.



4 thoughts on “Don’t downgrade your dreams

  1. Roll with the punches, Barb. That’s something my late dad used to tell me, when I’d complain about Life not going the way I wanted it to. ‘Tis the bendable tree that endures the gusty winds, you know. I think it’s wise to hold onto our dreams, to modify how we stretch for them when obstacles dart into our paths. Love this brave little twig and how it’s just merrily coiling here. You’ll get to Paris, and it will be wonderful!!
    Debbie recently posted…Made it, After All!My Profile

    1. Oh merci, merci, Debbie! I know I will and in the meantime…I’m so grateful for my four children who want to throw their mother a 60th Birthday bash. To me, that’s even sweeter than Paris. And I’ve decided that whatever near-ish birthday I get there – a couple extra days to match the number of years is more icing on the cake – or filling in the macaroon.

    1. Thank you for that support, Mo. I’ve learned that flexibility and tenacity are a winning combination….to peace of mind AND accomplishment.

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