Paris for your birthday

When you have a dream and you’ve shared it with your friends and family and they support you and encourage you and remind you that it will happen and that when it does they’d love to be a part of it with you – well that’s a dream in itself.

There are times when your friends and family remind you that they’re right there behind you and beside you in making that dream a reality. Such was the case on my recent 50-something birthday.

birthday in paris 2

Like these colored pens and this Paris Street Stye coloring book.

Adult coloring books are very popular these days. In a recent Washington Post article I learned there are amateur artists coloring in airport lounges, doctor’s office waiting rooms and while watching TV at home. They’re forming coloring meet-up groups at libraries and coffee shops where they can talk while they doodle and color… a knitting circle or a quilting bee but with colored pens and patterned books.

If you look at Amazon’s best-selling books list, which updates hourly, you’ll see several adult coloring book titles. In any event, I love that any time I dabble in this book now it will keep that spark of Paris in mind as well as my daughter who sent these to me.

birthday in paris 3

My lovely, lively friend who’s been to Paris many times gave me the travel book above; a precursor to the photos that will be a treasure once I’m home. She also picked up this Secret Paris coloring book. What fun! I’ll think of her whenever I’m coloring my world with Parisian dreams and filling that photo album with pics.

I’ve been to Paris with my husband on a trip we took with my son and daughter-in-law. What a “sweet” reminder of that time together they sent me with this framed art gift. Merci!

paris birthday

There was this fun book from my sister. So like her to celebrate some of the sassy bad habits and I’m sure diving into it will be a lot of fun.

birthday in paris 4

And my birthday was sprinkled with these lovely Parisian sweets as well. Makes me sigh with such gratitude for the thoughtfullness behind each one.

birthday in paris 1To have such encouragement means the world to me.

A dream is more fun when it’s shared. Don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Paris for your birthday

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Barb! You got a treasure trove of gifts — and best of all, you got the loving support of the folks who mean most to you! Adult coloring is FUN…and relaxing. I’ve been doing it for many months now and have amassed an extensive collection of pictures. I think the most fascinating thing about it is that, despite my notorious pickiness, I can still look through them and enjoy — without wondering how I could have done better, ha!
    Debbie recently posted…Mother’s Day 2016My Profile

    1. That’s a good thing, Debbie! Then you enjoy the process twice – the second time with appreciation of what you’ve helped create. I look forward to dabbling with them.

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