Month: October 2015

To linger.

Notice what these feet aren’t doing.They’re not rushing or marching to a tight, rigid schedule. They’re not blurry from movement. They’re still. In fact, they’re lingering. Don’t you love to linger somewhere or with someone you’re enjoying? Don’t you hate

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  • 29th Oct, 2015
  • 10

Try a Simple Sketch

When’s the last time you packed some high quality colored pencils and a sketch pad in your bags when on a road trip or before catching a flight? A long time? Never? I’d like to give you a little nudge

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  • 20th Oct, 2015
  • 4

Walk the Walk

Certainly an important preparation for a trip is being in good physical condition to take it. Every time I’ve traveled to Europe – my feet and ankles throb at the end of the first couple days. It’s apparent that Europeans,

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  • 12th Oct, 2015
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Think big and expand into your thoughts.

This glittery magnet is adhered to my fridge. In so many ways, these two words, if applied, make a huge difference in one’s life. If I’m thinking of my life….. I Think Big. If I’m thinking of my dreams….. I

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  • 6th Oct, 2015
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