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Paris for your birthday

When you have a dream and you’ve shared it with your friends and family and they support you and encourage you and remind you that it will happen and that when it does they’d love to be a part of

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  • 10th May, 2016
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there’s something new in town

Salem is one of those state capitals that’s relatively small. It’s definitely not the population hub of its state. But it has a charming downtown that’s very walk-able and heavily populated with local shops, restaurants, art galleries and bakeries. Recently,

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  • 13th Apr, 2016
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Have you found that looking forward to something can be almost as much fun as actually being there/doing it? Almost?

  • 8th Mar, 2016
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Think big and expand into your thoughts.

This glittery magnet is adhered to my fridge. In so many ways, these two words, if applied, make a huge difference in one’s life. If I’m thinking of my life….. I Think Big. If I’m thinking of my dreams….. I

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  • 6th Oct, 2015
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Bonjour 40!

A little over a year ago, I spent a day in downtown Portland, Oregon with a dear friend who used to work in the mayor’s office with me at the City of Beaverton. We were seeing a movie set in

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  • 22nd Sep, 2015
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How will you celebrate a milestone birthday?

Sometimes a snippet of conversation can be the starting point of something big. Conversations can pique your travel interest. I took a skiing trip to Switzerland that had its genesis a year earlier during a conversation on the banks of

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  • 24th Aug, 2015
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Why and for what do you travel?

Those who love to cook combine ingredients knowing just how much to add to which dish, intuitively adding spices, have tried and tested how long to bake and at what temperature on their way to producing art, of sorts, in

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  • 17th Aug, 2015
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