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Stitch by Stitch in Paris

Twice while in Paris, I inadvertently came upon beautiful stitching shops with window displays that enticed me inside. Are we energetically drawn to these things when we least expect them, or do we notice them because they interest and intrigue

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  • 24th Jan, 2017
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…said the Parisian man.

We had a favorite little crepe place near our hotel in Paris and a favorite little waitress who was from the UK but living in Paris to improve her French. On one visit she twisted the arm of the proprietor

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  • 5th May, 2016
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Care to join me at Laduree?

When in Paris last Christmas, I had to stop and indulge at Laduree because if there’s royalty in the bakery world, Laduree deliciously wears one of the crowns. Yes, it’s touristy and yes,10 euros for four macarons is steep, but

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  • 7th Jan, 2016
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Paris Streets at Christmastime

Paris is such a beautiful city and each season has its gifts. When the trees are bare and the winter temperatures descend, the lights and sparkle appear. I’d love to take you on a saunter around, especially in lieu of

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  • 17th Dec, 2015
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Window Shopping in Paris

Window shopping in Paris is so very enjoyable. Window shopping in Paris at Christmastime is even more so.

  • 13th Dec, 2015
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On Civility.

A black 5-series BMW waits inches from the crosswalk, the driver’s impatience palpable. My daughter and I walk faster than we had been to cross the street, hyper-aware of the engine idling so close to our feet. Barely out the

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  • 16th Sep, 2015
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Sixty Days in Paris? Be still my heart.

When you travel in a 40-foot RV, as we have on and off for more than four or five years now, you can linger in a place. And two months of lingering seems to be just right for most places

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  • 3rd Sep, 2015
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