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Stitch by Stitch in Paris

Twice while in Paris, I inadvertently came upon beautiful stitching shops with window displays that enticed me inside. Are we energetically drawn to these things when we least expect them, or do we notice them because they interest and intrigue

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  • 24th Jan, 2017
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I can do hard things

  On a child’s t-shirt were the words, “I can do hard things,” and when I first saw it I loved it. 

  • 12th Jan, 2017
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On a card

We didn’t come here to fit in. We came here to be who we are. We didn’t come here to work. We came here to live our dreams.

  • 20th May, 2016
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always encourage courage.

Travel is vital, especially in the worst of times…. traveling and meeting people with different and opposing ideas is as important as finding the most inviting beaches, visiting the best restaurants, and seeing the sights. -Christiane Amanpour Chief International Correspondent,

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  • 23rd Mar, 2016
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The joys of exploration.

Where does it lead? Don’t ask. Walk.   I have many friends who RV full-time. Some have gone on trips across the US that lasted more than a year – even two. But one thing that all of them have

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  • 13th Mar, 2016
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An escape from the political fray

Willa Cather, one of my favorite authors, who wrote so prolifically and engagingly of middle America, spent time in Paris. It was she who said, “Paris is a hard place to leave.” Willa is one of my muses. She keeps

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  • 4th Mar, 2016
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The Serendipity of Steinbeck at the Coast

Just a bit more than a few months ago, I spent a few days on the Oregon Coast with a dear, tons of fun, also loves to travel, friend. We stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, in the John Steinbeck

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  • 24th Feb, 2016
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Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

Fear is a fluid thing. Something, to me, like those mesmerizing taffy machines in seaside candy shops that twist, contract and stretch the pastel colors in a conglomerated string.

  • 10th Feb, 2016
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