Stitch by Stitch in Paris

Twice while in Paris, I inadvertently came upon beautiful stitching shops with window displays that enticed me inside. Are we energetically drawn to these things when we least expect them, or do we notice them because they interest and intrigue

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  • 24th Jan, 2017
  • 8

I can do hard things

  On a child’s t-shirt were the words, “I can do hard things,” and when I first saw it I loved it. 

  • 12th Jan, 2017
  • 14

The Light of Paris

De temps en temps…. (from time to time) De temps en temps I come across another delightful piece of fiction that centers around Paris. The LIght of Paris, a recently released book from Eleanor Brown (NY Times bestselling author of

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  • 13th Oct, 2016
  • 6

Flirting with French

Will he or won’t he? This is the question in the back of my mind as I read Flirting with French, by William Alexander.

  • 9th Sep, 2016
  • 8

The Most Beautiful Walk in the World

  You probably have your own. Walk, that is. The one you consider the most beautiful in the world. It may be close to home or somewhere you travel to often, it may be the one where you receive significant

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  • 22nd Jun, 2016
  • 11

On a card

We didn’t come here to fit in. We came here to be who we are. We didn’t come here to work. We came here to live our dreams.

  • 20th May, 2016
  • 4

Paris for your birthday

When you have a dream and you’ve shared it with your friends and family and they support you and encourage you and remind you that it will happen and that when it does they’d love to be a part of

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  • 10th May, 2016
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…said the Parisian man.

We had a favorite little crepe place near our hotel in Paris and a favorite little waitress who was from the UK but living in Paris to improve her French. On one visit she twisted the arm of the proprietor

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  • 5th May, 2016
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